Otávio Cordeiro

Updated 1 week ago.

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🔭 Working

I'm currently working at Nord Security's NordVPN as a Senior macOS Engineer.

🌱 Hacking

I'm currently working on a omg.lol client for macOS and iOS. The statuslog's already implemented and I'll soon start working on a new feature.

I'm also working on Micro.publish, an Obsidian plugin to publish posts directly to Micro.blog. I'm using the opportunity to learn TypeScript.

✏️ Writing

I'm currently working on my Digital Garden, which I'm slowly moving some pages into.

📚 Reading

I’m currently reading the following books:

🎧 Listening

I'm currently listening to:

📺 Watching

I'm not watching any TV shows at the moment.

🎮 Gaming

I’m currently playing Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and Octopath Traveler II.